Our 2nd Annual S.A.G.E. Run. (Above are some of our participants from last year). S.A.G.E. Stands for Strength Action Grip and Execution in sports, fitness, nutrition and exercise. WE are forming a NON-profit group that benefits leaders in ministry and support exercise and fitness for families. Exercise, nutrition, and sports need to be a priority in the lives of all people. It tends to be an after thought in many churches across America and we focus on our walk with Christ, our spiritual growth, we focus on our finances, but our physical strength and overall health is slowly dying. How can we be glorify Christ through our physical bodies? How can we run the race, (this life) set before us, if we have lacking, aching, slow, weak, fragile, hurting, disease ridden bodies? The S.A.G.E. Fitness and Sports Ministries will be focusing on plans and executions of proven programs that will benefit these dynamic leaders for Christ to enable them to complete their own races and get the Gospel out those who need to hear a word from the Lord. We cannot not stop all diseases and sicknesses, but we sure can be proactive and do what is in our control and that is Prayer, and intentionally learning more about fitness, exercise, nutrition, and living our life with the abundance of Joy that the Lord has given us. The 5k is just a beginning event that we will be utilizing to raise funds to help these ministry leaders provide financially for their fitness, as well as, our building fund.  We value YOUR support of this necessary ministry.

October 12 2013 at 8:00AM

Haw Creek Park

2205 Echols Road

Cumming, GA 30041