Jeff and SuzyDay 2 Walking it outWalkers

This past weekend I was blessed to be part of a very powerful group of people who came together to discuss that crazy disease called Cancer!  The beautiful Suzy Griswold, in the picture with her husband Jeff Griswold, turned their crazy cancer journey in to hope and healing for many across the U.S. and Canada.  In looking at this picture of Suzy here, I can just hear her laughing, I can also feel my spirit moving as she is just what she looks like in this picture….One of Gods servants walking it out and doing what she is called to do.

This weekend was amazing because, many doctors were there to speak the truth about healing form serious diseases utilizing non-toxic therapies!  There were patient panelist, that were once cancer patients, that are now free form cancer.  I am talking about cancer so bad, that the doctor said….there is nothing left that we can do.  Well what a blessing that is because, God is our healer, and he has given us the fruits and vegetables to live with clarity and vibrant health.

The second picture is our Day 2 Walking It Out team!  WE got up and out at 6:30 am, stretching, warming up, then power walking!

The third picture is two ladies that were walking and were reminded by the sign to Keep Right!!!  This is our journey and it is not that easy to keep right, but with support it is easier.

Listen, we all have cancer cells in our body, some are just active, and some are not.  I encourage you to take pro-active steps by being obedient in the area of health and fitness.  Your body is a Temple!

Walk it out folks!!