YUMMY 28! The “Home” Workout Plan




You prefer to work out at home. Maybe the gym has intimidated to you in the past. You just want to get your workout on and not be bothered with the Gym rats. The people who “flex” in the mirror. The whole environment makes you feel bad, and you just end up walking on the treadmill for a few and then you leave?

Well this may or may not be you, but you just want to be in the comforts of your one’s own home. Okay. The plan is here!!! Every single exercise has been converted to a do-able exercise while targeting the right muscles at home. You don’t have to have the big machines to have the big results. You will be amazed at how your body will transform.

More Details
We cover all muscle groups, slow and steady cardio, a foods list, including a few recipe ideas, nutritional support, and a rest and hydration plan.

You will gain muscle and may lose up to 50% of your body fat. It’s so amazing what can be accomplished at home with the right motivation, support, and encouragement.

We believe that God wants us well so implementing the right lifestyle plan and following through will be beneficial. Are you ready to join us?